Company Services

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“Hire Standards”

We provide a full list of services for our client companies. This includes, but is not limited to:

Complete disclosure of the candidates, background, motivation and interview status with other companies competing for their expertise.

A non-sales approach to the negotiation process, encouraging both parties to continue or terminate the discussions when appropriate.

All work is extended to both candidate and client without condition or cost, only that the parties involved are open and honest with us.

After a successful placement, an ongoing dialog is encouraged, making sure the candidate is performing the level expected of him/her.

Likewise, conversations will continue post-placement to ensure that promises made to the employee are kept by the new employer.

How Does the Process Work?

As mentioned in our candidate services section, we only represent a handful of candidates at any one time. Because of this, we ask that our candidates commit to us for an agreed upon period of time, unless they feel our network and effort are unsatisfactory. There are no contracts to be signed, however, we are reluctant to take on candidates we feel we cannot properly represent, or make a promise we cannot keep. We respectfully ask the same level of candor from the clients we serve.

For our client companies, we only ask that we speak with the individuals who will, be working with or managing the new employee. We expect to engage Human Resources, but must have a relationship with the actual person who will be most affected by the person hired.