Candidate Representation

Opening doors, closing transactions

Information is readily available on the internet for almost anything, however, expertise and accurate, current information is elusive. We provide the candidate with viable choices with respect to opportunities currently available. Once a relationship has been established, we provide ongoing coaching, open communication and encouragement.

Commencing in 2013, given the challenging economy, we are now offering a “bundling package” of career counseling/outsourcing advice at $500 per three hour block.  Please contact us by emaill or phone if you would like to know more about this new service.

For the most effective relationship, we represent only a handful of candidates at any one time.  Because of this, we ask that the person commit to us for an agreed upon period of time until, unless they feel our network and effort are unsatisfactory. There are no contracts to be signed, however, we are reluctant to take on candidates we feel we cannot properly represent, or make a promise we cannot keep. We respectfully ask the same level of candor and commitment from candidates we serve. Personal, face to face introductions are always appreciated, but not necessary.

An Extensive Network

We work only in this niche and have developed an extensive network over the last 20 years. Unfortunately, because we service this industry only, we cannot be an unconditional resource to job seekers.  If you are already working in this discipline and/or qualified to be an analyst or actuary in the property insurance field, there is no better company qualified to help you, be it on a local, regional, national or global scale.