About Me

….a compulsive matchmaker

I am a former insurance professional, married and a father of two, grandfather of four. Our company, CMSA represents a culmination of my career in sales, marketing and insurance. Our office is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado, an hour north of Denver.

I was an insurance agent, broker, regional manager and general agent until I grew weary of selling policies and thought I would enjoy “matchmaking” on a professional level, using my business experience and my commitment to seeing a buyer and seller united. I enjoy facilitating the hiring process rather than “closing the deal.”

A Certified Personnel Consultant, I started my career as a “headhunter” in 1986, working for three separate organizations, all in the insurance field, most recently representing Dunhill Professional Search.

CMSA was founded in 2004 after I left another recruiting firm which served multiple disciplines where candidates were treated as “commodities.” We, on the other hand, are committed to the unique skills of all of our candidates, determined to locate the appropriate opportunity for them. Over the last 20 years, I have been blessed, meeting a number of outstanding company executives and candidates who have taken the time to mentor me while I grew in experience and wisdom serving insurance professionals worldwide.

Since 1991, I have been involved in transactions that resulted in hiring individuals in 11 countries and I continue to represent quality individuals “without country or cultural boundaries.” I look forward to being a resource to you and your colleagues now and in the future.

Philip N. Palmer, President