Overseas Opportunities

Underwriting Leader

Job Description:

1. Knowledge and experience in markets, products and risks in terms of needs and practices from a technical and strategic perspective to achieve portfolio development targets over defined milestones to Ensure a balance approach to risks and returns that is optimum from a perspective of diversification, exposure and duration management and sustainability of growth in book and value.

2. Understanding of cost of capital and options for risks and therefore, pricing on technical and strategic consideration for proportional, non-proportional and structured products for individual business and portfolio development based on internal needs and external conditions.

3. Ability to develop policies, processes, standards and guidelines for various treaty and portfolio products.

4. Business and resource planning based on external and internal considerations.

5. Ability to tap and underwrite business based on the business plan.

6. Ability to tap, guide and train younger underwriters.

7. Contractual and legal knowledge for exposure and claims management.

Key Requirements:

Guided by experience colleagues and veterans, we look for team members who are in senior underwriting position to join. We look for people who has the passion to become the best in what they do in the industry and have already spend at least 10 to 15 years in various aspects of underwriting and have used actuarial methods, tools, economic projections and strategic considerations in their job experiences. People who can work in a team to achieve a greater goal for all in a start-up environment. People who are technically but also socially. People with good qualifications and good job attitude.


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