Concentric Marketing & Search Associates, (CMSA) is an employment resource for companies and candidates who serve the global property insurance and reinsurance sector.

  • If you are an HR representative of a company seeking experienced individuals in this niche, we invite you to contact us, as we are pleased to be representing some strong candidates with appropriate experience.  Our services are offered on a contingency basis with a 90 day pro-rata guarantee.
  • If you are a qualified professional within the global property arena and are interested in another opportunity in the same field or know someone who is looking to do the same, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.   Please note that we offer marketing assistance for those individuals who possess exceptional skills, yet wish to maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion when seeking other opportunities.
  • Lastly, we have career coaching assistance when needed.  This is helpful for those individuals suffering “burn-out” who recognize that moving to another company doesn’t address their issues in a satisfactory manner.